Tragic Discovery Of South Side Pastor In River Mourns Community

July 12, 2024
Rev. Warren Beard, 53, an assistant pastor from Chicago, tragically drowned in his submerged vehicle in the Des Plaines River, shocking his community and family. The Chicago Tribune reported the discovery on July 11, concluding the distressing search for Beard, who was last seen a month earlier. Beard, known for his deep commitment to his […]

Oregon Mom Alleges Discrimination In Adoption Case Over Beliefs

A federal appeals court is presently deliberating a case involving an Oregon woman, Jessica Bates, who claims her adoption application was rejected on the grounds of her religious beliefs concerning LGBTQ+ identity issues. The heart of this dispute lies in the allegations that state regulations requiring adoption applicants to support a child's LGBTQ+ identity infringe […]

Baseball Player Wes Clarke Shares His Faith At Ballpark Baptism

In a heartfelt display of faith, minor league baseball player Wes Clarke was baptized by his teammate Brewer Hicklen at their team's ballpark following a victorious game. Wes Clarke's public baptism took place at the ballpark amid the cheers of teammates and fans, showcasing his commitment to his Christian faith, Movie Guide reported. After Clarke's […]

Wedding Dress Debate Sparks Controversy Between Stylist And Celebrity Couple

A stylist's critical commentary on Olivia Culpo's wedding dress choice has ignited a public debate surrounding modesty and fashion in bridal wear. Kennedy Bingham's critique of Olivia Culpo's conservative wedding gown sparked controversy, leading to a defense from Culpo's husband, Christian McCaffrey, The Western Journal reported. Olivia Culpo, a former Miss USA and Miss Universe, […]

Expelled North Carolina Student Attracts Attention Over School Policy

17-year-old Baily Griggs was expelled from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina due to her music performances in venues that serve alcohol, Mail Online reported. Baily Griggs, a musically talented high school student, faced expulsion from Cramerton Christian Academy just before her senior year, sparking debates on school policy interpretation and enforcement. Tracing Baily Griggs's […]

Trump Calls For Christian Mobilization Ahead Of Elections

In an emotional appeal in Washington, D.C., former President Donald Trump rallied Christians to engage vigorously in the forthcoming November elections, expressing deep concerns over threats to their religious values. According to The Western Journal, during his address at the Faith & Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference, Trump accentuated the pivotal role of Christian […]

Trump Rallies Christian Voters Against Biden Ahead of Elections

In a spirited plea to safeguard Christian values, former President Donald Trump rallied supporters to combat what he perceives as threats from the Biden administration. The Western Journal reported that during the Faith & Freedom Coalition's conference, Trump called for significant Christian voter turnout to oppose President Joe Biden. At the "Road to Majority" conference […]

Pastor Delivers Sermon Using Slain Officer's Bible During Memorial

In a solemn blend of grief and faith, the community of Scottsdale mourned the tragic death of Detective Ryan So, a dedicated officer of the Scottsdale Police Department. So lost his life in an unforeseen accident while executing his duty on June 13. The loss of Det. Ryan So was deeply felt during a memorial […]

Ancient Ivory Relic Unearthed with Unique Christian Imagery

Experts have unearthed a 1,500-year-old ivory pyx beneath an altar in an abandoned hilltop settlement in a remarkable archaeological discovery. The Western Journal reported that this rare Christian artifact provides fresh insights into the artistic and religious symbology of late antiquity. In 2016, the excavation unveiled two Christian churches and various dwellings around a central […]

Cuomo uses crisis to stockpile medical supplies

Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to stockpile medical supplies for his state back in 2015 when he was advised that New York did not have enough ventilators in a pandemic. Back then, the ventilators would have cost a little over half a billion dollars out of a budget well in excess of $150 billion dollars. Now […]

Trump was right: Private industry steps in to fill the gap

These days, there is a lot to be worried about with the number of cases of the coronavirus Covid-19 rising and the number of deaths increasing. It seems like the news is all bad. Millions of people are filing for unemployment, and no one knows how long "shelter-in-place" policies will last. Governors are demanding ventilators […]
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