About Us

DailyChristianNews.com was founded to provide a conservative, Christian understanding of what’s going on in America and the world today.

We can make several promises to you, the reader, about what we will NOT do:

  • We will NOT water down our conservative message to be “politically correct.”
  • We will NOT stop defending religious liberty just because the left despises it.
  • We will NOT stop warning the entire world about radical, militant Islam.
  • We will NOT stop defending the dignity of the U.S. presidency.
  • We will NOT stop defending freedom of speech.
  • We will NOT stop defending our right to keep and bear arms.
  • We will NOT stop defending the right of the United States to be sovereign – with well-defended borders.

More than this, we also make several promises about what we will do – without exception:

  • We WILL defend the United States and its foundational document, the Constitution.
  • We WILL defend Israel against the radicals who wish to slaughter her people.
  • We WILL defend the small business owners who need to be left alone.
  • We WILL defend American families who need tax breaks.
  • We WILL defend voter ID, strong and transparent elections, and term limits.
  • We WILL defend a free press that tells the truth.


Daily Christian News is a project of the American Digest Media company. The company was founded and entirely funded by Shaun Connell. We have no other outside funding. We are entirely independent.

We won’t always get the story right. We’re human. But we’ll give it our best shot and we will never violate these promises.

God bless America.

-The Staff of DailyChristianNews.com

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