WATCH: Revenge of the "credulous boomer rubes"

Need a good laugh? Tired of impeachment?

Relax and watch Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn discuss CNN and Don Lemon's latest gaffe. They are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Ignorant Boomer Rubes with Southern accents

Lemon, New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali, and Rick Wilson, former GOP strategist, guffawed together on CNN about Trump and his supporters whom, they joked, are geographically challenged among other things, and wouldn't be able to find Ukraine on a map even if it was marked with a U and a picture of a crane.

Wilson said Trump's administration is defined by ignorance of the world. When impersonating Trump supporters, he embellished his jokes with a hick accent.

Don Lemon laughs at jokes about people groups

The story dominated twitter today, and there has been a lot of pushback from former Deplorables and current Credulous Boomer Rubes. In an apparent attempt to set things right,  Lemon responded with "Just to make this perfectly clear, I was laughing at the joke and not at any group of people."

Don Lemon quite obviously thinks his critics are stupid. He apparently wasn't taking notes when Hillary Clinton called Trump supporter's "deplorables."

Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, and Trump supporters ran around in t-shirts that said things like Proud Deplorable.  Steyn suggested that  Don Lemon and his panel be renamed The Trump Reelection Committee.

Watch Carlson and Steyn dissect the incident.

Don Lemon and the CNN black hole theory

Don Lemon has suggested things that might be considered stupid, e.g. that the Malaysian jet that disappeared in 2014 might have flown into a black hole. His guest panelist sets him straight.


Jon Stewart roasts CNN and Don Lemon

And finally, Don Lemon and CNN were roasted mercilessly by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show because their theories were just so dumb.  "Now, stupid me!"

Warning: Jon Stewart makes fun of Bill O'Reilly viewers in this segment.


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