Pastor Delivers Sermon Using Slain Officer's Bible During Memorial

In a solemn blend of grief and faith, the community of Scottsdale mourned the tragic death of Detective Ryan So, a dedicated officer of the Scottsdale Police Department. So lost his life in an unforeseen accident while executing his duty on June 13.

The loss of Det. Ryan So was deeply felt during a memorial service that encapsulated themes of faith and divine understanding, led by a local pastor using So's own Bible, The Western Journal reported.

Det. Ryan So's demise occurred as he served an arrest warrant. During the arrest procedure, a rifle unexpectedly discharged after falling from a container, striking and fatally injuring Detective So. This heartbreaking event precipitated profound sorrow among colleagues, family, and the community he served.

Reflections on Life and Faith

Detective Ryan So, remembered for his professionalism and kindness, leaves behind a grieving family, including his wife and three daughters. His death has deeply affected both his immediate family and the wider Scottsdale community.

On Father's Day, Pastor Brian Bowman of Valley Life Church in Phoenix led the memorial service, a poignant choice given So's role as a father. Pastor Bowman delivered a sermon using Detective So's own Bible, adding a deeply personal touch to the service.

During the memorial, Pastor Bowman highlighted three core attributes that defined Detective So: his goodness, his joy, and his strength. These reflections not only honored So's memory but also emphasized his steadfast commitment to his faith and community.

A Sermon of Depth and Understanding

"I’m preaching today from Ryan’s Bible," Pastor Bowman announced at the start of his homily, marking the sermon with a deeply personal touch. He elaborated on the virtues that defined Ryan So, emphasizing that his goodness was rooted in his pursuit of Christ.

Pastor Bowman's sermon delved into theological themes of human suffering, divine will, and God's omnipresent love. Using Apostle Paul’s teachings from Ephesians 3:14-19, Bowman illustrated the challenge Christians face in understanding God’s all-encompassing love during times of adversity.

According to Pastor Bowman, "You do not want to be sovereign over circumstances," a reminder that faith often entails surrendering control and understanding that hardships serve a higher purpose. This perspective was particularly poignant given the tragic circumstances of So’s death.

Public and Recorded Tributes

The impact of Det. Ryan So's service and his commitment to faith resonated not only through personal tributes at the service but also across digital platforms.

Pastor Bowman's sermon, starting at the 19-minute mark, was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, allowing a wider audience to experience the commemorative message.

This recorded sermon serves as a lasting tribute to Det. So, encapsulating his life’s dedication to service and faith, offering solace and inspiration to those grieving his loss.

In conclusion, the memorial service for Det. Ryan So was a moment not only for mourning but also for reflecting on the enduring strength of faith and community.

Through Pastor Bowman’s sermon, delivered from Ryan So’s own Bible, both attendees and online viewers gained a poignant insight into the depth of So’s character and the profound impact of his life and work.

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