Pam Bondi lays out Biden's corruption for all to see

On Day 2 of President Trump's defense, attorney Pam Bondi addressed the elephant in the room, the Bidens dealings in Ukraine. This issue is the core of the impeachment effort. President Trump wanted to find out about corruption in Ukraine that involved US officials, and Democrats have worked hard to cover it up or "debunk" it.

Dems mention Biden and Burisma over 400 times

At the beginning of Bondi's devastating presentation, she pointed out that a discussion of the Bidens was merited. The House managers had spent a significant amount of time on the Bidens in the 21-hour long presentation of their case to impeach the president. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and Burisma were mentioned over 400 times.

Bondi emphasized that the House Democrats tried to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt that there was no reason to investigate, because if there was a reason to investigate, then the House impeachment case crumbles.

Bondi uses Democrat witnesses, mainstream media and Obama State Dept. to prove that the Biden's should be investigated

The Democrats continually assert that the issue of corruption in the Biden-Burisma affair has been debunked, but Bondi presented plenty of reasons for the president to look into the matter, even now.

Biden joined Burisma while they were being investigated for corruption

The energy company Burisma was already being investigated in March 2014 by the UK Serious Fraud department for money laundering. Hunter Biden joined Burisma's board in April 2014. The UK froze millions of dollars of assets of the owner of Burisma. Biden remained on the board, in fact, Burisma announced that Biden was on the board after the assets were seized.

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky under investigation

Ukraine prosecutors were investigating the owner of Burisma, Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky, a former "minister" in the government, who has been accused of using his position to grant his own company, Burisma licenses.

WATCH: Trump legal team member Pam Bondi lays out Hunter Biden’s “nefarious” dealings with #Burisma (as WaPo wrote at the time), validating @realDonaldTrump’s request to investigate corruption.


Bondi also showed that many news outlets thought the Biden-Burisma connection was worth investigating. She even used the testimony of two of the House Democrat's witnesses, Marie Yovanovitch, and George Kent, to show that there was definitely a reason to be looking into the Biden-Burisma connections. They both agreed that there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest.

Commenting on Bondi's presentation, even CNN's Jake Tapper had to admit that the arrangement between Hunter Biden and Burisma was "swampy."

Go here to watch more of Bondi's presentation which includes clips from ABC and other news outlets investigating the Biden's activities in Ukraine.

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