Dems go after Attorney General Barr again - this time over Roger Stone

The Democrats are going after Attorney General William Barr, again. In fact, they have been calling for his resignation since he declared that the Mueller Report found no collusion between Candidate/President Trump and Russia last summer.

The latest outcry is related to Roger Stone and the 9-year sentence he is facing at the hands of federal judge Amy Berman Jackson, a 2010 Obama appointee.

This is the same judge that dropped the wrongful death suit brought against Hillary Clinton by the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, two of the men killed in Benghazi. The parents believe that Clinton's use of a private server gave access to information on the whereabouts of Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was also killed in Benghazi. Jackson dismissed the wrongful death suit and justified the use of the private server as in the course of duty.

Barr's DOJ has suggested a lighter sentence for Stone. Four of the Mueller prosecutors that recommended a sentence of 7 to 9 years for Roger Stone quit the justice department after the new recommendation for a shorter sentence has been was proposed. Sentencing is scheduled for February 20, 2020.


President Trump has been weighing in with tweets, expressing disgust at the unfairness of the trial and the sentence.

Who are the four prosecutors (Mueller people?) who cut and ran after being exposed for recommending a ridiculous 9 year prison sentence to a man that got caught up in an investigation that was illegal, the Mueller Scam, and shouldn’t ever even have started? 13 Angry Democrats?"

Barr has publicly stated that the tweets are making it impossible to do his job. Senators McConnell and Graham are counseling the president to trust his attorney general.

Predictably, the Democrats are threatening more investigations, another impeachment, the total collapse of the rule of law, etc., and they want Barr's head.

President Trump could end all of this with a pardon or a commutation of the sentence. The Democrats will make all sorts of accusations, but don't they always?

Roger Stone

Everything about the Roger Stone arrest, indictment, trial and sentencing has been exaggerated.

Roger Stone was caught up by the Mueller investigation. He has no criminal record and yet the FBI sent a swat team accompanied by CNN early on the morning of January 25, 2019, to arrest him at his home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as if he were a dangerous criminal. But he was then released on a bond that same day as the judge did not think he was at all dangerous or a flight risk.

Stone had a radio show, "The Stone Cold Truth." He had just published a book titled "The Myth of Russian Collusion." Stone made television appearances after his arrest and Judge Jackson finally put him under a gag order during the trial, and up until his sentencing. Obviously, Roger Stone is a very visible media personality that supports President Trump.  Stone claims the Democrats were using the indictment to silence him.

Stone explains his arrest to Tucker Carlson the same day he was arrested here:

He was indicted for witness tampering and obstructing the Mueller investigation. Alan Dershowitz pointed out that all of the "crimes" that Stone committed came as a result of the investigation. Mueller failed to find any crime that proved collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The jury found him guilty on all counts.

Tucker Carlson argues that the recommended sentence of 9 years is far longer than the typical 4-year sentence for a rapist or the 3-year sentence for armed robbery. Roger Stone committed no violent crime and at worst he lied. His real crime is being associated with Donald Trump.

Anti-Trump jury foreperson

Now, it has been discovered that the jury foreperson in Stone's trial was an anti-Trump partisan who followed the Mueller investigation very closely. According to Fox News,

"Former Memphis City Schools Board President Tomeka Hart revealed Wednesday that she was the foreperson of the jury that convicted former Trump adviser Roger Stone on obstruction charges last year -- and soon afterward, a string of her anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts came to light."

In the video below, Judge Napolitano emphatically asserts Stone's conviction needs to be overturned.

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