Democrats fall back on the Russia hoax - until Trump crushes it

The Democrat debate in Las Vegas is the gift that keeps giving. The fallout continues as the Democrats realize that billionaire Michael Bloomberg is not going to save them from Socialist Bernie Sanders.

News pundits on the left are rejoicing in Elizabeth Warren's takedown of Bloomberg, likening him to the Titanic and Warren to the iceberg. An apt metaphor, it is true, but aside from literary rhetoric, what are the Democrats going to do now? They need a centrist that can beat Bernie and Trump, but they don't have one.

The Russia hoax again

So, enter plan B or is it plan A resurrected? I know we've heard this before, but the Mueller investigation should have put those fears to rest. The Trump campaign did not collude with Russia in the 2016 election.

In spite of Mueller's findings, the Democrats have no other option but to return the Russia hoax. The Democrats continue to mention Russian interference in the 2016 election that helped put Trump in office. In fact, Adam Schiff ended his impeachment histrionics warning that if not removed from office, Trump might give Alaska to the Russians. He warned that because Trump cheated in the 2016 election, he will also cheat in the 2020 election.

Well, the volume and frequency of warnings from the Democrats increased in the last few days, and "Trump is a Russian asset" is trending on Twitter. Classified information found its way out of a congressional hearing giving new life to the hoax. The hearing was attended by none other than Adam Schiff. I wonder who leaked the information to the New York Times?

The intelligence community still undermining President Trump

Joseph Maguire, the Director of National Intelligence apparently allowed Shelby Pierson and other intelligence officials to tell the House Intelligence Committee that Russia was interfering on behalf of Trump in the 2020 election without briefing the president beforehand.

Why didn't they brief the president first? Shouldn't he be told if the Russians are interfering? Why does he learn about these things the same way we do? The president was understandably upset, and it is no surprise that Maguire will not become the permanent DNI. The intelligence community needs to start supporting the president instead of trying to take him down.

This is not the first time Maguire has been duped. Maguire legitimized the whistleblower at the start of the impeachment inquiry in the house. He insisted that the whistleblower did everything correctly and in "good faith," even though the whistleblower didn't even have first-hand knowledge of President Trumps July 25th, 2019 call with the president of Ukraine. The Democrats used his testimony to justify further inquiries.

Maguire's 7-month tenure as DNI is expired, and he is being replaced by Ambassador Richard Grenell, a Trump supporter. Hopefully, Grenell will not be fooled by the deep staters in the intelligence community and will make sure that President Trump is briefed on all intelligence matters, including any foreign election interference, be it Russian, Chinese, or Iranian.

His own best defender, the president is denying that he is a Russian asset and that the Russians are trying to get him elected.

The Democrats will never give up trying to beat Donald Trump, by hook or by crook. Stay vigilant, people.

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