Biden rises and Bloomberg drops out

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is once again a viable candidate for the Democrat nomination for president. Following a resounding win in South Carolina and endorsements of former candidates Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke, Biden went on to win all of the southern states on Super Tuesday plus  Minnesota and Massachusetts.

Biden won a total of 9 of the 14 states voting on Super Tuesday including Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.

Biden’s campaign appeared to be on its last leg just the week before the South Carolina primary,  but the DNC strategy to boost his campaign seems to have worked.  Many late voters decided to vote for Biden after Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Beto endorsed him. South Carolina congressman James Clyburn’s endorsement also strengthened Biden going into Super Tuesday. Biden is expected to win the remaining southern states.

Senator Bernie Sanders won a significant number of delegates, but fewer than expected. Sanders won Utah, Colorado, California and his home state of Vermont. He is still a very viable candidate as the campaign goes on


New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising his campaign, won American Samoa and picked up a few delegates in other states for a total of 44. The day after Super Tuesday, Bloomberg suspended his campaign and endorsed Joe Biden, saying that was what he needed to do to defeat Trump. Bloomberg’s endorsement could also mean a welcome injection of funding for Biden’s campaign.

Fox News hosts discuss Bloomberg:

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard finished behind Bloomberg. Pressure is building for Warren to drop out.

Delegates needed to win nomination

The candidates still have over 30 states to win before the DNC convention in July. In order to avoid a “brokered” convention, one of the candidates must arrive with 1,991 or more delegates. Biden and Sanders have a ways to go. By the end of March, 22 more states and territories will have voted in primaries, conventions, and caucuses.

The day after Super Tuesday, the delegate count, according to Newsweek is:

Biden 453

Sanders 382

Warren 50

Bloomberg 44

Buttigieg 26

Klobuchar 7

Gabbard 1

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