Fox’s Jesse Watters attacked by CNN lackey Brian Stelter

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CNN’s Brian Stelter recently went after Fox News personality Jesse Watters. Stelter’s complaint? That Watters was insulting his viewers. 

The allegation stemmed from remarks Watters made last week on an episode of The Five.

“This is about a transcript of the phone call to a country no one cares about,” he began. “These are about transcripts from a deposition that we can’t watch on television.”

And what do the transcripts say? It’s from the undersecretary of affairs for energy policy at the EU? These aren’t household names, these aren’t heavy hitters, wake me up when the big dogs testify in public.”

Watters: Ukraine isn’t “a country people care about”

“If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine, they don’t know a thing about it,” Watters went on. “Americans care about a few countries. They care about Saudi Arabia, they care about Israel, they care about Russia, China, and Mexico. That’s it.”

“Ukraine doesn’t rise the level of a country that people care about. We are talking about a military aid package to a country that I guess needs help, but a lot of people don’t really care that much about. If you turn on television, you see a reporter standing in Congress saying someone was hearing something from someone else who was concerned about a military aid package,” he insisted.

“It’s absolutely not registering in the American people’s brain because it’s not a sexy scandal. Russia was sexy, there was intrigue, people had handcuffs on ’em, it was about an election. This has no intrigue whatsoever and the Democrats have failed to deliver any sort of convincing narrative,” Watters concluded.

According to Stelter, that was a put-down to the American people.

“Jesse Waters was on The Five saying Americans can’t even find Ukraine on a map. If that is true, put a map on the screen and help people understand. You know, he was bordering on insulting the viewers at home saying this is not a sexy scandal, this is too complicated,” Stelter said during an exchange with Fredricka Whitfield.

“I think news outlets are doing a good job trying to explain it. But they shouldn’t give short shrift to the public’s attention span. I think many people are going into this with eyes wide open, very curious about what the Democrats will present on day one,” Stelter said.

“Even some commentators on Fox News may not be able to ignore all of the evidence in the days ahead,” predicted.

Despite the CNN hosts expectations about soon to be uncovered evidence, Democrats are still refusing to hold televised hearings, preferring to conduct the proceedings behind closed doors.

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