CNN’s Brian Stelter stokes conspiracy theories about Trump’s health

This week, CNN host Brian Stelter worried that a tweet from President Trump could lead to conspiracy theories about his health. Stelter then encouraged people to doubt that the White House would give them accurate information if it turned out that there actually was a problem. The controversy started on Saturday when Trump mentioned that […]

Nancy Pelosi went too far – and now she’s trying to take it back

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a lot to say at a press conference last week. Unfortunately for her, the message wasn’t entirely coherent. On Thursday, Pelosi appeared before reporters to discuss ongoing impeachment efforts. After some remarks about Veterans Day and recent legislation, she torn into President Trump. Still, she declared that “none of us […]

Marie Yovanavich was prepped by the Obama administration

As part of their continued impeachment efforts, Democrats had former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testify before the House Intelligence Committee. While doing so, Republican Elise Stefanik got her to admit something that raised eyebrows. Under Stefanik’s questioning, Yovanovitch had to acknowledge that before her confirmation hearings, the Obama administration prepped her on how […]

Fox News is absolutely killing liberal networks in the ratings battle

Democrat-lead impeachment efforts have proved to be a ratings boom for cable news, and there’s no question which network is benefiting the most.  Fox News announced its success on Thursday, citing figures from Nielsen Media Research. According to the article it ran, Fox News was by far the first choice among viewers in the 10AM […]

Howie Kurtz vies for Shep Smith’s former place as most liberal Fox anchor

Prior to his departure last month, Fox News anchor Shep Smith was regarded by many as the network’s most outspoken liberal. It looks like Howard Kurtz might be on the way to claiming his title. That’s evident from the way he reacted when fellow Fox personality Mollie Hemingway named the alleged Ukraine whistleblower. During an […]

John Durham goes to Australia to hunt down clues about deep state resistance

U.S. Attorney John Durham is leading an investigation into the origins of the Russian collusion probe. It is now reported that as part of that effort, he has interviewed an Australian diplomat. Alexander Downer served as Australia’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom, and he is said to have met with Durham’s team last month. […]

Big healthcare CEO dies suddenly – cause unknown

Bernard J. Tyson died suddenly this week. The chairman and chief executive officer of Kaiser Permanente passed away in his sleep on Sunday at the age of sixty. Tyson had lead the Oakland-based non-profit health insurer since 2013, becoming the first African American to do so. Major figure In 2015, he was ranked by Modern […]

Nikki Haley: Tillerson and Kelly tried to cut Trump out of policy decisions

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has a new book out, and it contains some startling allegations. Among the most serious? That that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly tried to cut President Trump out of policy decisions. The allegations were reported in a Washington Post article. […]

Fox’s Jesse Watters attacked by CNN lackey Brian Stelter

CNN’s Brian Stelter recently went after Fox News personality Jesse Watters. Stelter’s complaint? That Watters was insulting his viewers.  The allegation stemmed from remarks Watters made last week on an episode of The Five. “This is about a transcript of the phone call to a country no one cares about,” he began. “These are about […]

John Bolton testimony could be a game changer

House Democrats have gotten a number of witnesses to testify in impeachment related hearings. However, they’ve set their sights on the biggest name so far: former National Security Adviser John Bolton. Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York recently spoke to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about what Bolton’s testimony would mean. “The other witnesses, there […]

Hillary Clinton may run for president

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has repeatedly said that she will not be running for president. Now, those denials don’t seem so certain. Or at least that’s the impression that a recent statement from her husband gave, anyway. Former President Bill Clinton was at Georgetown Law’s second annual Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lecture in Washington […]

Bombshell: Democrat’s star witness wasn’t even on the Ukraine phone call

As part of their impeachment efforts, House Democrats called State Department official William Taylor two weeks ago to testify in a closed-door hearing. It didn’t go well for them. Taylor served as the charge d’affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and transcripts of his testimony have now been released. They show that not only […]