Marie Yovanavich was prepped by the Obama administration

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As part of their continued impeachment efforts, Democrats had former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testify before the House Intelligence Committee. While doing so, Republican Elise Stefanik got her to admit something that raised eyebrows.

Under Stefanik’s questioning, Yovanovitch had to acknowledge that before her confirmation hearings, the Obama administration prepped her on how to handle questions about Hunter Biden and Burisma–the Ukrainian energy firm he worked for.

“The first time you personally became aware of Burisma was actually when you were being prepared by the Obama State Department for your confirmation hearings, and this was in the form of practice questions and answers.”

“You testified that in this particular practice Q&A with the [Obama State] Department, it wasn’t just generally about Burisma and corruption, it was specifically about Hunter Biden and Burisma. Is that correct?” Stefanik asked.

When Yovanovitch said that it was, the New York Republican proceeded to quote how she described one of the questions in her deposition.

“The way the question was phrased in this Q&A was, ‘What can you tell us about Hunter Biden being named to the board at Burisma?'”

Stefanik took a moment to note the implications of this.

“For the millions of Americans watching, President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping the wonderful ambassador nominee before her confirmation.”

“And yet,” she went on, “our Democratic colleagues and the chairman at this committee cry foul when we dare ask that same question that the Obama State Department was so concerned about. But we will continue asking it,” Stefanik concluded.

Trump provided lethal aid

However, Stefanik didn’t stop there. With just a few seconds remaining, she made Yovanovitch acknowledge that the Trump administration did more to help Ukraine than had been done under President Obama.

“In my twenty seconds left, I just want to get it on record. In terms of the defensive lethal aid which you were an advocate for, that was not provided by president Obama, it was proved by President Trump.”

“That is correct,” Yovanovitch admitted.

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