Trump reiterates pledge to bring US troops home from ‘never-ending’ wars

One of President Donald Trump’s primary campaign pledges in 2016 was to bring an end to U.S. military involvement in overseas wars, particularly in the Middle East — and despite concerted opposition to that goal from the political establishment and Washington bureaucracy, the president is taking steps toward fulfilling that vow. During a speech delivered […]

Actress Rose McGowan rips Hillary Clinton for protecting ‘predators’ like Harvey Weinstein

Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow was instrumental in exposing the sordid sexual misconduct of disgraced Hollywood producer and Democrat financier Harvey Weinstein in 2017 — but it wasn’t without struggle. Farrow has since released a book that exposes the efforts made by Weinstein and his associates — including NBC executives and even Hillary Clinton — to […]

Bernie Sanders tells CNN he’s ‘not a quitter’ and is ‘ready to go full blast’

Following the revelation that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a top 2020 Democratic presidential contender, had suffered a heart attack during a campaign event, many wondered whether the 78-year-old socialist would continue his campaign. However, despite initially suggesting he would scale back, Sanders is now emphasizing that he is “not a quitter” and intends to keep […]

Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey to retire at end of 2020

Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), a senior member of the House Democratic caucus, has announced she will not run for re-election in 2020.  Lowey’s retirement announcement is especially interesting because one long-rumored prospect to take over Lowey’s seat is none other than former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, according to the New York Post. Sources said that local […]

Stephen Moore: Trump needs to ‘stop saying things that are untrue’

Even President Donald Trump’s closest advisers aren’t reliably on his side. The Hill reports that White House economics adviser Stephen Moore suggested in a recent interview that Trump “talks too much” and needs to learn to stick to the facts. “I think when Trump says things that are false, that does undermine his presidential authority […]

Trump says ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’ should enter 2020 race

With none of the Democrat 2020 presidential candidates truly catching fire and taking a commanding lead among voters, speculation that failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton will jump in to make another run at the White House has dramatically increased. Clinton herself has, perhaps jokingly, helped fuel the speculation that she’s considering launching another campaign — […]

Ilhan Omar files for divorce amid allegations of extramarital affair

Speculation about Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s murky — and possibly fraudulent — marital history has persisted, largely due to Omar’s refusal to entertain questions on the subject. Things may soon reach a point where Omar will have to come clean about her marital status, however. She has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband, […]

Jimmy Carter suffers minor injuries in fall at Georgia home

Former President Jimmy Carter, the longest-living ex-president in U.S. history, who just turned 95-years-old last week, injured himself after suffering a fall in his Georgia home Sunday morning. Despite receiving a black, swollen eye and needing stitches to close the wound on his head, Carter nonetheless stuck with his plans and attended the launch of […]

President Trump unloads on Mitt Romney: ‘He is so bad for R’s!’

President Donald Trump unleashed his venom on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) over the weekend after the failed 2012 presidential candidate suggested that Trump’s conduct with Ukraine was “troubling” and that impeachment might be justified. In a series of tweets, Trump called Romney “pompous” and suggested that Democrats “are lucky that they don’t have any Mitt […]

Atlantic City mayor resigns, pleads guilty to stealing from youth basketball team

The mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey was compelled to resign in shame on Friday after admitting to stealing from a charitable youth basketball team he founded, and his party affiliation was made clear by the not-so-subtle reluctance of the media to identify him as a Democrat. Mayor Frank Gilliam, Jr. submitted his resignation on […]

Report: Energy Secretary Rick Perry set to resign in November

While the Trump White House has long been the media’s favorite place to look for alleged wrongdoing, one member of the president’s cabinet has largely stayed above the fray — until now. Politico reports that Energy Secretary Rick Perry will soon resign from his position in the administration. The development comes just as Perry’s name […]

Rush Limbaugh slams ‘Never Trumpers’ at Fox News

It has become increasingly apparent to fans of Fox News that the network isn’t what it used to be. In the era of President Donald Trump, Fox has begun to align more and more with the left — and now, Rush Limbaugh has had enough. The conservative radio host dedicated part of his Wednesday program […]

2014 photo shows Joe, Hunter Biden on golf course with Ukraine gas company executive

Lost amid all of the uproar over President Donald Trump, Ukraine and impeachment is the fact that the entire story boils down to allegations of corruption and malfeasance involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine. Biden was asked a few weeks ago about his son’s professional endeavors in […]

Hillary Clinton calls Eleanor Roosevelt ‘gutsy’ for standing by unfaithful husband

Failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye again, promoting a new book while fielding softball questions teed-up to attack President Donald Trump in friendly media interviews. In a television segment that aired on Sunday morning, Clinton credited former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt for having been a big inspiration in her life […]

House Democrats threaten Pompeo with obstruction charges over subpeona

Many Democrats have already convinced themselves that the July phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky constitutes an impeachable offense and are pressing forward, full steam ahead, on the long-promised effort to impeach the president. The Democratic chairmen of three influential House committees have issued a subpoena demanding documents and testimony […]

Sarah Sanders: The ‘ridiculous’ Democrat impeachment push is fueling Trump’s campaign

Democrats rushed headlong into impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump on Tuesday, based solely on anonymous reports of a “whistleblower” complaint that was premised on second-hand hearsay. Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders could only chuckle at the absurdity of it all. So far, she says, the furor has only served as an “in-kind […]

Senate passes meaningless resolution to cancel Trump’s national emergency on border wall

President Donald Trump tried repeatedly to have Congress appropriate adequate funds for the construction of his famed wall at the U.S.–Mexico border, to no avail. Democrats left him little choice but to declare a national emergency and use his executive authority to shift previously appropriated funds around for that purpose. Predictably, Democrats and establishment Republicans […]

Report: Whistleblower found to have political bias in favor of Trump opponent

Democrats and the media successfully whipped themselves into a frenzy over the past week with regard to a so-called whistleblower complaint about the content of a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, and even though nobody knew who the whistleblower was, what the complaint entailed, or what had actually been […]

Leftist billionaire Tom Steyer blasts Nancy Pelosi over failure to impeach Trump

Since the day that President Donald Trump took office, there has been a stalwart segment of the Democratic Party that has demanded his impeachment for a variety of reasons, a push that Democratic leaders including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have simultaneously attempted to both nurture and contain for purely political purposes. Some of those who […]

Mike Pence criticized for motorcade on car-free Mackinac Island

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Michigan’s famous Mackinac Island this weekend to deliver a speech to the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, and he arrived for the event at the Grand Hotel in a motorcade of eight SUVs, according to the Detroit Free Press. There’s just one problem, though, and critics and haters wasted no […]

Joe Biden explodes on reporter who asked about his son’s business dealings

Democrats and the media thought they had a new scandal to hang on President Donald Trump when it was leaked that a so-called “whistleblower” complained about the content of a phone call the president had with the president of Ukraine. But as more information emerged, the spotlight shifted from Trump to former Vice President Joe […]

California judge blocks attempt to force release of Trump’s tax returns

Democrats have been obsessed with getting their hands on President Donald Trump’s tax returns since before he even moved into the White House — but it doesn’t look like they’ll be succeeding in that effort any time soon. California recently passed a law that would have required Trump to release his tax returns in order […]

Jimmy Carter says four more years of Trump ‘would be a disaster’ for America

Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn spoke at an event at their namesake Carter Center in Atlanta on Tuesday, and though the event was supposed to be a “non-political meeting,” the former president didn’t shy away from taking a dig at President Donald Trump. According to Carter, four more years of current President Donald Trump “would […]

Trump taps Robert O’Brien to serve as National Security adviser

When former national security adviser John Bolton recently left the White House over fundamental disagreements in policy direction with the president, it immediately became clear that Trump had every intention of naming a replacement as soon as possible. Trump’s pick has now been publicly revealed with the announcement that Robert O’Brien, currently the presidential envoy […]

Teacher put on leave for telling students Mike Pence should be ‘shot in the head’

A high school teacher in North Carolina has been placed on leave following reports that the educator suggested that harm should come to Vice President Mike Pence while he was in the state campaigning for Republicans ahead of the recent special congressional elections. Fox affiliate WJZY in Charlotte reported that the unnamed teacher at Cuthbertson […]

Trump defends Brett Kavanaugh amid new sexual misconduct claim

Roughly one year after Democrats and the media attempted to destroy then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with a politically motivated smear campaign, the embittered left is back for another try at ruining now-Justice Kavanaugh’s life and reputation with more baseless rumors and evidence-free innuendo of sexual misconduct that supposedly occurred several decades ago. The political […]