Pelosi on lowering voting age to 16: It’s important to ‘capture kids when they’re in high school’

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Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed that she has “always” supported lowering the voting age to 16 because she thinks it’s “really important to capture kids when they’re in high school.” 

Extending the vote to 16-year-olds?

Aside from the overarching effort to impeach or otherwise remove President Donald Trump from office, the top priority for House Democrats has been a piece of legislation that would impose sweeping reforms on the nation’s election processes and systems.

Prior to the final vote on the bill, progressive Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) offered up an amendment that would lower the legal voting age for federal elections from 18 to 16.

That amendment was defeated overwhelmingly by a bipartisan vote of 305-126.

H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” passed along party lines in the House last week with a vote of 234-193, but will undoubtedly die in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Interestingly, the American Civil Liberties Union, a once non-partisan organization that now typically sides with the left on most issues, surprisingly opposed the legislation for a number of constitutional reasons.

Pelosi wants to “capture kids” as future Democratic voters

Just one week after the votes were cast on H.R. 1, Pelosi was asked by reporters for her thoughts on the ACLU opposition and the failed amendment to lower the voting age to 16. Her response on getting high school kids to vote was as frightening as it was revealing.

“I disagree with the ACLU on this,” Pelosi said. “In terms of legislation, we couldn’t be prouder of H.R. 1. This is about reducing the role of big, dark, special interest money in politics, and empowering small donors. It’s about ending voter suppression, it’s about making redistricting fair … it’s really a source of joy and hope to so many people in the country.”

“I myself — personally, I’m not speaking for my caucus — I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16,” said Pelosi.

“I think it is really important to capture kids when they’re in high school, when they’re interested in all of this, when they are learning about government, to be able to vote.” Watch below:

Important to “capture” the minds of high school kids

While that may have just been a poor choice of words on Pelosi’s part, it more likely was a subconscious reflection of how career politicians in the establishment — left and right — view the nation’s citizens, especially children, as blocs to be “captured” and put to use toward some goal or another, such as voting for Democrats, in this case.

Given the view of many conservatives, independents, and even moderates that public schools have become indoctrination centers for progressive leftism, it really isn’t a stretch to suggest that Democrats like Pelosi do indeed hope to mentally “capture” America’s youth, transforming them into reliable Democratic Party voters as early as possible.

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