O’Reilly: ‘Dark Left’ protests not supported by most Americans

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The anti-Trump left has taken to the streets in protest numerous times since Donald Trump was elected president and did so again this weekend to decry the administration’s strict enforcement of immigration laws at the border.

But political pundit Bill O’Reilly believes the mass protests from the “dark left” have minimal political impact as few American citizens actually support the disruptive displays against the president, his policies and those who are in favor of them.

In an appearance on Newsmax’s Newsmax Now, O’Reilly discussed how the seemingly widespread protests about immigration laws over the weekend were organized by the same folks who brought us the post-Inauguration Day Women’s March and other far left protests over the past few years, people who are part of what he called the “dark left.”

“The Dark Left is basically a bunch of organizations funded by very wealthy individuals like George Soros who mobilized immediately on the Internet and got the activists on the far left out to where they want them,” stated O’Reilly.

“So, even though President Trump signed an executive order that said the federal government will not separate children from their guardians when they come across the border illegally, even though that happened, they still wanted a mass demonstration,” he continued, revealing the protests were more about opposition to President Donald Trump and less about the actual policies being protested.

The dark left activists do this “because they don’t want Trump to be re-elected, and they wanted to say to all immigrants in this country: ‘He hates you.'”

These leftist activists are essentially demanding open borders and non-enforcement of immigration law. But unfortunately for them, O’Reilly said, “The polls show that most Americans want to secure our border, and they don’t want rampant illegal immigration.”

O’Reilly called out several prominent elected Democrats who have demanded the abolition of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, and asked, “So, you’re going to do away with ICE — then who enforces immigration law? What’s their answer? They don’t have an answer. There is no answer.”

Furthermore, he pointed out, the left’s calls for lawlessness are ironically “better for President Trump” if they continue to occur “because any Independent voters are going to think ‘this is too crazy’ … so that’ll help Trump.”

Asked about the upcoming midterm elections and the supposed great “blue wave” of Democrat voters reclaiming Congress from Republicans, O’Reilly dismissed the idea of a “wave” on either side. He predicted that the elections will be close and boil down to the strength of the economy and stock market.

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O’Reilly is absolutely right that most Americans reject the mass anti-Trump protests in the streets and demands for the abolition of the federal agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws.

He is also largely correct in that, as important as immigration and other hot-button issues are to many voters, all of them pale in comparison to the status of the economy come voting day, as the economy will always be the most critical issue for voters on both sides.

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