Bill Maher admits Trump’s pardons, policies could mean jump in polls

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As the host of his own self-titled HBO show, Bill Maher has made a name for himself as a prominent detractor of President Donald Trump.

But even Maher couldn’t help but admit that his political-and-personal rival has done at least a few good things for the American people — and according to Maher himself, that could soon be proven by a rise in Trump’s polling numbers.

Going up in the polls

The rather shocking admission from Maher came during a discussion on his Friday show with Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, who is also no fan of the president.

The topic of conversation was the recent presidential pardons and commutations delivered by Trump, as well as rumors that the president is open to decriminalizing marijuana on the federal level. According to the two men, the pardons and policies could garner support among black Americans.

“I wonder today if policy even matters to black or white,” Maher said. “I see the things that Trump is doing.”

Maher continued: “He asked Kanye to the White House. Today he was talking about maybe lifting the ban on the federal illegality of marijuana. He pardons… I forget her name.” Dyson then interjected to remind Maher that Alice Marie Johnson was the name of the woman whose life sentence was recently commuted by Trump after a plea from none other than Kim Kardashian.

“You know, people are going to watch TV, and they’re going to see grateful black folks, ‘Thank you, President.’ This anecdotal way — I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes up in the polls,” Maher lamented.

Fan for a day

Dyson chimed in that Trump’s recent moves were “shrewd,” but nevertheless complained that the “individual approach” Trump seemed to be taking — looking at potential pardons on a case-by-case basis — would do nothing to address the “structural” and “systemic” issues of racism and oppression and whatnot.

But Maher suggested that the average American doesn’t give much thought to the issues Dyson had talked about.

Maher even stated that Trump legalizing marijuana on the federal level would make him a fan of Trump… for one day.

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Since day one of his political career, the liberal media has driven a narrative that portrays Trump as some sort of heartless bigot who cares not a bit for minorities in this country.

But as Trump’s actions and policies undermine that particular narrative on a near-daily basis, even staunch opponents of the president are having to admit that he is experiencing success — and that success will likely soon evidence itself in his poll numbers.

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