Tom Arnold jokes about Trump’s assassination in tweet ahead of Dallas rally: ‘They showed up for JFK too’

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It is no secret that many Hollywood liberals utterly despise President Donald Trump, with some even going so far as to openly call for his death.

Formerly funny comedian Tom Arnold is one of those Trump-hating denizens of Hollywood who has wished death upon the president — and he just did so again with a not-so-subtle reference to the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy ahead of Trump’s Thursday campaign rally in Dallas, the Daily Caller reports.

“They showed up for JFK too”

According to the Daily Caller, Arnold had made his threatening reference to the Kennedy assassination in a tweet that has since been deleted by Arnold — or taken down by Twitter.

The post from Arnold came in response to a tweet from President Trump highlighting the large crowd of supporters gathered outside of the arena in Dallas ahead of his rally later in the evening.

The president tweeted:

Arnold was quick to respond: “Don’t get too cocky traitor. They showed up for JFK too.” (Kennedy was murdered by an assassin in 1963 while his motorcade drove past scores of cheering supporters upon his arrival in Dallas.)

A scary situation

Quite frighteningly — and rather ironically — there does appear to have been an actual threat against the president in Dallas that was significantly more dangerous than just an ill-advised tweet from a spiteful actor. A man carrying a gun and other items that could be viewed suspiciously was arrested in the vicinity of the arena prior to Trump’s arrival for the rally.

An NBC affiliate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area reported on Twitter: “A man wearing a vest, helmet, and a backpack near President Trump’s Dallas rally counter-protestors was…detained by Dallas police. Officers confiscated a gun, breathing mask, knee pads, [and] some type of aerosol can.”

Granted, it is unlikely that there was any connection between the arrested man and Arnold, and the hateful actor denied any involvement when questioned in a tweet. But Arnold has a long history of criticizing Trump, and he’s been known to take things too far before.

The Daily Caller reported in 2018 that Arnold had actually received a visit from U.S. Secret Service over his incredibly inflammatory tweets aimed at Trump, which the agents were concerned could end up inciting Arnold’s followers to act.

Perhaps Arnold could use another visit from the men in black.

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