Kimberly Guilfoyle slams media for ‘reprehensible’ portrayals of Trump

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The liberal media has spent the past three years relentlessly smearing President Donald Trump as a misogynist and a racist who doesn’t deserve support from women or minorities.

But in the view of Kimberly Guilfoyle, senior adviser to President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, those “fake news” narratives are simply evidence that the partisan media has no shame and “will sink to do anything to smear” this American president.

Trump’s appeal broader than media will admit

Guilfoyle’s remarks came in an interview with host Matthew Boyle of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday during which she discussed a recent “Women for Trump” event, the social oppression of conservative women who support Trump, the “reprehensible” smear tactics of the left-wing media, and why it is so important for Trump to win re-election over the plethora of Democrats pushing socialism on America.

She noted that about 400 women attended the Women for Trump event in Las Vegas, Nevada — a state Trump hopes to flip from blue to red — and described those Trump-supporting women as “totally strong, powerful, excited, fired-up, and this is what, fourteen months out from the election? They all showed up for the president.”

“It just really goes to show you don’t trust the fake news media because women do support President Trump,” Guilfoyle said. “In fact, in our re-election campaign, we have more female donors than men, and we have more female donors than any of the other Democrats running, so, take that to the bank.”

Guilfoyle also spent a few moments talking about a young woman named Katie Williams, a Trump-supporting veteran and beauty pageant contestant who was stripped of her Ms. Nevada State crown due to her open support of the president on social media.

“Reprehensible” smears

About midway through the nearly 10-minute interview the conversation shifted to the recently leaked transcript of an internal meeting at The New York Times in which it was revealed that newspaper intended to focus its coverage on supporting the narrative that Trump is a racist, a shift that was compelled by the complete fizzling out of the Russian collusion narrative.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous and I get so offended when people call the president racist. I mean, to say something like that about someone, without any evidence to support it or any basis in fact whatsoever, is just reprehensible,” Guilfoyle said.

“It shows you the lows to which they will sink to do anything to smear this American patriot, who is serving his country faithfully as president of the United States, delivering results to the American people,” she continued.

“I’ve known President Trump for 13 years, and I know the measure of the man. I know his character. I know his integrity. I know how he treats people, what he stands for, how wonderful he is to women. I know hundreds of his employees who love working for him,” Guilfoyle added. “This is a man who just sees human beings and sees Americans. He is a hard worker and he wants to create opportunity and preserve and protect the American dream so that America will never be a socialist country.”

Stark choice in 2020

Later in the discussion, with regard to the 2020 election, Guilfoyle summed it up, “There could never be, I think, honestly in American political history, a bigger choice, a more important choice for Americans to make, because the juxtaposition for what President Trump is offering and what the Democrat socialists want to turn this country into is an unbelievable magnitude.”

Liberal media outlets have done their worst to smear President Trump to the point of being unelectable and will certainly continue to do so — but as Guilfoyle pointed out, media narratives that Trump lacks support among women or that he is a hateful racist are simply untrue, unfair, and must be countered at every turn.

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