Bill O’Reilly appears on the Glenn Beck show – DESTROYS Impeachment Coup

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Bill O’Reilly has busy since his ouster from Fox News, writing books and commenting on the political scene on Twitter. But in yet another sign that his career is again picking up, O’Reilly made a special appearance on the Glenn Beck show – and folks, he hasn’t lost a step.

The most powerful and eloquent moment came when O’Reilly laid out the impact of impeachment on the ordinary American citizen.

He said:

There is nothing good about this number one, and and if you see other people celebrating impeachment you need to just pull them aside and say do you understand that we all are in this together in this country, that we have to have a functioning federal government trying to solve vexing problems, that we must have robust economy to support three hundred and thirty million people most of whom want to improve themselves, do you understand that destroying the office of the presidency – not just the president but the office of it – is counterproductive to freedom, do you understand any of that and you’ll get silence because this isn’t the way impeachment is being presented.

Take a listen – there’s more. (Skip to 1:10 to get past the chit-chat):

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