Dem Rep. Jackie Speier: AG Barr needs to ‘up his game’ or be impeached

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Still sore over how Robert Mueller’s report debunked their tired Trump-Russia collusion narrative, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats picked at Attorney General William Barr for several hours on Wednesday over anything that could be spun in a negative way.

But Barr’s no-nonsense attitude and brief responses left few openings for effective attacks — thus, numerous Democrats are now expressing their frustration with Barr by demanding that he resign or even be impeached because he didn’t tell them exactly what they wanted to hear and won’t play their partisan games on Capitol Hill.

Barr impeachment threatened

One of those suggesting Barr could be impeached was Democrat California Rep. Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, who told MSNBC’s Brian Williams that Barr could well find himself in real jeopardy very soon.

Asked for her take on Barr’s appearance before the Senate committee on Wednesday, Speier replied, “I would say he better up his game or he should be impeached.”

“I was astonished, truly astonished by his inability to answer very basic questions that would suggest to most of us that he is hiding something,” she continued. “For Robert Mueller to write him a letter and say that he is threatening — that Barr was threating to undermine the full confidence of the American people by the way he was describing the report says volumes.”

However, that isn’t really what Mueller said in his letter to Barr — he merely wanted the executive summaries of the massive report released early to supplement Barr’s 4-page summary of conclusions, in order to rectify misleading media coverage — and the only thing that is “astonishing” is how Speier and other Democrats have mischaracterized Mueller’s letter.

Dems want to hear from Mueller

“I think it’s very important that we talk to Bob Mueller,” Speier said. “What we have here is not an attorney general for the United States. We have someone who’s running a PR firm on behalf of someone who is subject to damage control. This is a damage control operation on behalf of someone who is president of the United States.”

She added: “This is not the attorney general of the United States, and he can’t answer simple questions and clearly hasn’t read the report, nor the underlying evidence that probably is over a thousand pages, and yet he could make a decision and a determination that the president did not obstruct justice. That’s truly laughable.”

What’s “truly laughable” is how Democrats spent the past two years demanding everyone respect and accept the eventual findings of the Mueller investigation, but now that things haven’t turned out the way Democrats envisioned, they want Barr to go back through two years of investigatory evidence to double-check Mueller’s work.

Speier suggested Mueller would be subpoenaed to deliver his own testimony on the investigation and final report and took yet another shot at Barr by questioning his credibility and capability to continue leading the Justice Department.

As noted, Democrats spent two years portraying Mueller as some sort of infallible arbiter able to bring down Trump over nonsense allegations of Russian collusion.

That didn’t happen, and the left is now scrambling to lash out in any direction that might help them get back on track to their initial destination — impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump, or in the alternative, his attorney general.

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